Now Available: The Gait Rehabilitation Specialist (GRS) Certification!

Now Available: The Gait Rehabilitation Specialist (GRS) Certification!

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Who We Are

Mission Gait was launched with the intent to make a sustainable change in how rehabilitation is provided to patients with complex gait disabilities. There are a staggering 20,000,000 individuals suffering from gait (walking) disabilities in the United States alone. And there is no advanced training or certification in Gait Rehabilitation…until now!

Mission Gait aims to make it possible for patients with complex gait disabilities to learn to move again with confidence through three paths: educating professionals, patient community reintegration, and reaching others around the world.


Meet Cor’Rales

After Cor’Rales woke up in the hospital and learned everyone had miraculously survived, he focused on getting better. He underwent ten surgeries, including the one on December 4, in which his left leg was amputated.


Who Mission Gait Foundation Impacts

“Mission Gait is that light of hope, that community who strives to guide people who face unimaginable challenges to their fullest and unique potential through direct training and emotional support along with a grass roots exchange with other rehab centers interested in expanding their skills and knowledge.

 Every one of us who lives with these challenges deserves the opportunity to have access to the necessary resources and to develop the skills to live and to experience this wonderful world with confidence, curiosity, and joy OUTSIDE the therapeutic arena.”

              – Robin  (cancer survivor/unilateral above knee amputee)

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