Community Outreach
Discover Your Possible!
In-person Event Resuming – Saturday, November 4, 2023!

8:30am – 4:30pm


For Lower Limb Amputees, Caregivers, and Rehabilitation Professionals

REGISTRATION FEE: $25 for PARTICIPANTS . . . $15 for CAREGIVERS*. . . $10 for PT Volunteers

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Why Should You Attend?
This one-day event is an opportunity for lower limb amputees, caregivers, and rehabilitation professionals to come together to explore skills and activities that are available and accessible. This is an event designed as an opportunity for everyone to improve their capabilities and confidence. Experts will guide you through the basics of mobility up to high level activity. Breakout sessions will allow you to explore available recreational activities.

Breakout Sessions
The afternoon will consist of multiple breakout sessions that will allow you to learn about and try recreational opportunities. There will be a multitude of sessions that you can join, including: running, wheelchair sports, golf, pickleball, hand-cycling, circuit training, outdoor recreation, and more! There will also be a breakout session specifically for caregivers. Whether you have had a long time interest, or if this is your first time hearing about these activities, this is a great opportunity to try them out all in one place!

2023 Guest Speaker – Cosi Belloso, MPT
Cosi Belloso’s dedication to working with amputees started during her formative years working as a newly-graduated PT under the mentorship of Curtis Clark at Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH). Within the setting of JMH’s world-class facilities, she became familiar with the special challenges facing people with limb loss/deficiencies, from Symmes patients to bilateral above knee amputees. She found her passion in helping these individuals from the immediate pre and post-op care period all the way to full independence with their prosthetic legs.

Cosi is the owner of Palanca Physical Therapy, a prosthetic training specialty clinic near Tampa, Florida. She is also the host of the Facebook page, Cosi Talks, teaching individuals with amputations, clinicians, and supporters about topics that impact amputees and their return to daily life and beyond. Away from the professional arena, Cosi is also a proud wife and mother to four children. In her spare time she enjoys performing the violin, running races for doughnuts, and cooking for her family and friends.

* Caregivers
Family and friends are the essential support system for individuals with lower limb amputations. Recognizing this, we invite all caregivers and supporters to register at a reduced rate! The topics covered during this event are important for caregivers to know, and we will also be including a breakout session specifically for you!

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Photos below from our 2019 In-person Event
In 2020 we didn’t miss a beat….and Discover Your Possible was held as a Live Streamed Virtual Event! Anyone with an internet connection was able to watch, participate, and learn through two options – either Facebook or YouTube. The afternoon breakout sessions were Live Zoom meetings.
Did you miss the 2020 live stream? You have the opportunity to view the event right now!
Local Events
Empowering individuals with gait disabilities to participate in community events such as the Monument Avenue 10K and the Different Strokes Golf Tournament.
Dear Patients and Caregivers,

The team here at Mission Gait Foundation is very serious about helping patients with complex gait disabilities learn to move again with confidence. We are so serious, it is part of our mission statement! We also believe in the ability of the human spirit to prevail and that a person’s abilities always outweigh their disabilities! We are committed to providing patients and caregivers with unique and empowering resources. See below to learn about events designed to help patients re-integrate back into their communities and the activities they love.

Sincerely, The Mission Gait Team/Family