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Gait Rehabilitation – Core Concepts and Treatment Strategies

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Gait Rehabilitation – Core Concepts and Treatment Strategies

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Once you register for and purchase the Virtual Course you will have access to the course material and videos for 1 year. You may work at your own pace to complete the course. However, we recommend that you NOT stretch-it-out too long, as the content builds from one section to the next. The course concludes with a 2-hour Live Zoom lecture and full case study with your Mission Gait Instructor and other participants from around the globe. You will select your zoom date from the 11 options listed below!! Then you will be prepared for the final quiz, and upon passing will receive 15 contact hours! (** Details at bottom of page)
2-Hour Live Zoom Sessions for 2024

Saturday, January 27 – 9am EST
Saturday, February 24 – 9am EST
Saturday Evening, March 23 – 8pm EST
Saturday, April 27 – 9am EST
Saturday, May 25 – 9am EST
Saturday Evening, June 15 – 8pm EST
Saturday, July 27 – 9am EST
Saturday, August 24 – 9am EST
Saturday Evening, September 28 – 8pm EST
Saturday, October 19 – 9am EST
Saturday, November 16 – 9am EST

Course FAQ

Why take Mission Gait’s Core Concepts & Treatment Strategies Online Course?

This course is designed to provide clinicians with an advanced, in-depth framework to effectively analyze and treat gait dysfunction.  The course reviews gait theory and focuses on practical, clinically appropriate approaches for observational and instrumented gait analysis.  The course then advances clinicians’ knowledge in evidence-based functional testing strategies and pathological gait mechanisms and diagnoses before providing a hands-on, patient-centered approach for rehabilitation and plan of care development for clients with impaired motor control, orthopedic injury, amputation, and other gait dysfunctions.  When you complete this online course, you will be armed with diagnostic and treatment strategies that can be customized to your patient’s individual goals and used immediately in the clinic.

What makes this course unique?

This course not only performs an in-depth review of normal gait mechanics and gait analysis but demonstrates a collaborative approach to treatment and care for patients with gait impairment whether they are post-surgical, have a neurologic diagnosis or an amputation, or are athletes looking to improve their level of performance. The Live Zoom case study review provides an opportunity for clinicians participating in this course to collaborate on diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment strategy for complicated cases as well as a networking opportunity across the globe.

What’s Included?

One year of access to the Mission Gait Core Concepts & Treatment Strategies Online Course. This course includes a printable course book with original images and guidelines that follows the online course, access to over 13 hours of video content, and participation in a 2-hour live Zoom case study with Mission Gait instructors. The seven sections included in this course are as follows:
Section 1: Fundamentals of Normal Gait

    • Initial Concepts
    • The Gait Cycle
    • Gait Energetics
    • Gait Analysis: Observational
    • Gait Analysis: Instrumented
    • Tests and Measures

Section 2: Pathological Gait

    • Pathological Mechanisms

Section 3: Pre-Gait

    • Foundational Priorities
    • Neuromuscular re-education for the Quadriceps
    • Neuromuscular re-education for the Gluteus Medius
    • Neuromuscular re-education for the Gluteus Maximus
    • External Device Considerations
    • Standing Motor Control Exercises

Section 4: Gait Training

    • Systemic Gait Training Progression
    • Functional/Community Gait Training
    • Sports/Recreational Gait Training

Section 5: Orthotics

    • Orthotic considerations to support Gait Training

Section 6: Prosthetics

    • Prosthetic overview
    • Prosthetic Considerations
    • Prosthetic Pre-Gait Training
    • Prosthetic Gait Training

Section 7: Live Zoom 2-hour class with case study review

Once you have viewed and studied the online course material, you will participate in a 2-hour Live Zoom concluding lecture with a full case study review with other course participants from around the globe led by Mission Gait instructors.  You will then be prepared to take the final quiz and upon passing, will receive 15 contact hours for continuing education units and retain access to all materials for one year.

Details of the registration process:

**After registering & purchasing the Mission Gait Core Concepts & Treatment Strategies Online Course, you will receive an email from Mission Gait asking you to select your preferred Zoom Session date (select one date from the 11 options for 2024) and you will also receive an email from Core Achieve outlining how to access your course.

CEU Approval for Physical Therapists and PTAs:

Mission Gait Foundation does not have continuing education credit approval from the following states: IL, KS, LA, MD, MS, NM, NV, NJ, OH, PA. Physical Therapists and Physical Therapists Assistants in those states, please contact us for more information on applying for individual CEU or CCU approval.

ABCOP CEU Approval:

Mission Gait Foundation is pleased to announce that our Level 1 Virtual Course has been approved by ABCOP for all 50 states and D.C. – for 14.75 Scientific Credits for the following professionals: CFo, CFts, CO, COA, CP, CPA, Cped, CPO, CPOA, CTO, CTP, CTPO.

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