Patients & Caregivers


Our Annual Flagship Event for Amputees

A one day skills and activity clinic for ALL levels of lower limb amputees, caregivers, and rehabilitation professionals.

We created this event as an opportunity for amputees to learn ways to improve their daily mobility and to explore recreational and community activities, while caregivers and rehabilitation professionals are learning alongside and providing encouragement! Caregivers also have an opportunity to meet one another and attend their own informative break-out session.

This exciting day of empowerment is fully replicable and can be put on by anyone, anywhere. Our goal is to have interested people put on their own Discover Your Possible event in their own communities, anywhere in the world. If you want to host your own event, please reach out to us and we’ll provide you with the template, ideas, tips, (everything you need to know) at no cost. MGF provides this resource as a service to the rehabilitation community in an effort to spread empowerment.

Local Events

We encourage patients to tap into local events and services when looking for opportunities to re-integrate back into social, recreational, and even competitive sports activities. Why try to invent the wheel? In nearly every community there are events already planned and organized that you can join. If you are apprehensive, talk with your local rehabilitation provider and together you can identify opportunities and necessary modifications to participate.

Click below for some examples of what we do in Richmond, Virginia. Empowering individuals with gait disabilities to participate in community events such as the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K, seasonal golf clinics and tournaments, etc. We’ve used numerous local events as platforms to plug into.

Not local to RVA – don’t worry – see below for ideas and tips for finding events in your area – wherever that may be! If you are in the Central VA area and want to join in with us, please check back here for any updates/details as events come along.