Local Events

Empowering individuals with gait disabilities to participate in community events such as the Monument Avenue 10K and the Different Strokes Golf Tournament.

Tips for Participating in Events in Your Area
(wherever you may be!)

Here are some examples of what we do in Richmond, Virginia to empowering individuals with gait disabilities to participate in community events such as the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K, seasonal golf clinics and tournaments, etc. We’ve used numerous local events as platforms to plug into.

Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K

Held annually each spring, this event is a huge social, recreational, and media event. Everyone registers individually for the event. We ask that each patient determine how far they think they will walk/jog/run. While we’ve had a special few that have completed the entire thing…that is not the majority. Many patients can’t jog or walk an entire 10K, and it would be difficult for them to start in a wave(pack of people) at the starting line. So, once we know their goals/desired distances, we then determine where on the course will be the best place to help each of them drop into the final “waves” of walkers (in the back of the race). This allows them to complete the distance they have chosen, and get all of the fan fair at the finish line. 

Carytown 5K

These smaller events are very prevalent in communities of all sizes. There may not be all of the fan fair as larger scale events, but what is great is that someone else has done all of the organizing. Making it easier for patients and/or therapists to identify, sign-up, and use as motivation to reach personal therapy goals! 

Golf Programs

Each year we put together seasonal golf outings. We simply reached out to retirees that love to golf and offered them the opportunity to help encourage and train patients back into an active lifestyle through golf. We use driving ranges, learn to golf events, off-times on golf courses, and even a 9-hole golf tournament organized with a local rehabilitation hospital. 

Volunteer Efforts/Limb Drives

For our international programs we have held Limb Drives in the past. We wanted to collect prosthetics/orthotics and rehabilitation aids. We contacted the local professional baseball team and they let us use their parking lot before the game, provided tickets to the game for anyone donating or volunteering at our event, provided a sky box (in conjunction with a local Univ.), announced our efforts to the fans, and had a patient throw out the first pitch! We sent out a press release to TV/radio/newspaper before hand – and received excellent coverage. Basically all of this at zero cost for the entire event.

We hope that you can see that opportunities exist!



When trying to get involved in activities in your community, often times you are not alone. In the Central Virginia Area we have an amazing organization called Sportable.

“Sportable creates opportunities to make sports accessible for individuals with physical disabilities and visual impairments year-round. By fostering a fun, inclusive, competitive, and accessible environment, Sportable transforms the lives of athletes and frees them to see beyond their disabilities, enhances their peer relationships and helps them to reach their personal finish line.”