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Mission Gait Foundation’s Academy continues to develop as a leader in providing the highest level of training and education to rehabilitation professionals in the area of gait recovery and advancement, which leads to progressive levels of certification within our Gait Certification Program and inclusion in our certified provider network.

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CLICK HERE and become GRS Certified today with our Level I & Level II Bundle!

CLICK HERE and become GRS Certified today with our Level I & Level II Bundle!


Defining Our Educational Model

Level I – Gait Rehabilitation – Core Concepts and Treatment Strategies – this course, available virtually or in person, provides clinicians with an in-depth framework of gait theory, rehabilitation principles, and analysis to effectively analyze and treat gait dysfunction. It is open to all professionals involved in gait rehabilitation, and offers 15 CEU credits for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

Completion of Level I is a prerequisite to enter into our Level II Certification Program.

Level II – Gait Rehabilitation Specialist (GRS) Certification – Launched in May 2024! –

The Mission Gait Academy is proud to introduce a groundbreaking gait certification for physical therapist and physical therapist assistants, fulfilling our vision to empower the rehabilitation community to better serve people experiencing gait dysfunction. This self-directed study is a series of five modules: including self-paced lectures, article selections, video supplements, and exams.

Completion of both Level I and Level II = Gait Rehabilitation Specialist Certification, and is a prerequisite to progress to Level III.

Level III – Advanced Gait Rehabilitation Specialist Certification (in-person) – FUTURE DEVELOPMENT! 

Upon completion of the Level I and Level II gait certification, participants will be eligible to travel to our center in Richmond, VA for in-person training and advanced certification testing. As we progress Level III will be offered in partner clinics in various locations as well.

Gait Rehabilitation Specialist Provider Network – Mission Gait will be creating a database of all certified Gait Rehabilitation Specialist providers, designating the level of completion: Level II or Advanced Level III. Published on the MGF website, this database will be accessible for patients/professionals/providers to utilize to find clinicians certified in gait training in as many places in the world as possible.

Instructor Library

This is a collection of lecture and lab materials for use by professors, faculty members, and lecturers teaching gait rehabilitation to the next generation of rehabilitation professionals.

Discover Your Possible

Rehabilitation professionals come together with lower limb amputees and caregivers for this annual training and community awareness event to advance their skills, learn, share, and explore activities to help patients re-integrate through community programs.

University Partnerships

Mission Gait continues to advance partnerships with universities to provide comprehensive education in gait to university/college students and professors; along with the development of new studies/research to enhance the materials/content currently available.

Gait World Congress

Mission Gait will ultimately develop and launch a self-sustaining event that will bring together rehabilitation professionals/experts from around the world to: share knowledge and ideas, provide continuing education, advance technology, establish partnerships, and build a global rehabilitation community focused on gait.



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