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The team here at Mission Gait Foundation is very serious about helping patients with complex gait disabilities learn to move again with confidence. We are so serious; it is part of our mission statement! We also believe in the ability of the human spirit to prevail and that a person’s abilities always outweigh their disabilities!

We are committed to providing patients and caregivers with unique and empowering resources. See below to learn about events designed to help patients re-integrate back into their communities and the activities they love. Also, discover stories of hope!


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Frequently Asked Question

Can I come to Mission Gait for physical therapy?

Now, while we don’t directly treat patients here at Mission Gait, our team is made up of actively practicing physical therapists*, professors, and prosthetists. Their work with Mission Gait is in addition to their day jobs. We feel it is vital to the success and uniqueness of our education, content creation, and relating first-hand to what patients and practitioners are facing in the world of healthcare every day!

We are working to educate and train as many rehabilitation professionals across the United States as possible, and internationally as well. So please, share our information with your local rehabilitation providers (physical therapists, prosthetists, orthotists, doctors, etc.) Tell them about our website, YouTube channel, and CEU/Gait Certification program. We are currently scheduling In-Person CEU courses upon request, and also have a Virtual Course option. We’d love to hold an event close to your hometown! If your providers have any questions they may call our office at 804-918-5792, or email us at

Click here to learn more about our CEU/Gait Certification program for rehabilitation professionals.

*Many of our team members have been or are presently working at David Lawrence’s practice, Lawrence Rehabilitation – The Gait Center in Richmond, VA. This clinic has been the “proof of product” – showing that the model of rehabilitation developed by Mr. Lawrence WORKS! Even those patients with the most complex gait disabilities find success in meeting their goals and regaining their lives.

See below to read some of the success stories.
The Proof
Meet Robert

During surgery to repair an aneurysm, Robert’s abdomen began filling with blood. The surgeon quickly devised a plan to save him, but the solution left Robert’s legs useless. His choice was to live life in a wheelchair, or amputate his legs and use prosthetics.

Other Frequently Asked Questions
Do you sell products such as orthotic or prosthetic devices?

We do not. Mission Gait Foundation is an educational organization only. We provide education to professionals/clinicians and resources to empower patients and caregivers involved in recovery from complex gait disorders. We do not provide direct patient care, sell products/devices, or make specific recommendations. We encourage you to find a local doctor, therapist, and/or prosthetist to ensure you obtain the correct device for your specific needs.

When you find a therapist or healthcare provider in your area to work with you, please refer them to the free resources on our Mission Gait YouTube channel. Also share our virtual course with them. It is available for them to take at their convenience.

Can you recommend a healthcare provider in my area qualified to help me improve my ability to walk?

We cannot provide specific recommendations YET, but we have something big in the works for this exact situation! We are creating a certification program for physical therapists to become a gait rehabilitation specialist. As part of that program, Mission Gait will be creating a Database of Providers, so that people seeking rehabilitation for difficulty walking can check back right here and find these gait specialists in their area.

I’m an amputee looking for a physical therapist in my area?

While we don’t have a list of providers YET (see answer above) we can offer the following advice:

  • Connect with the Amputee Coalition. They have many resources that may help you with this question and other questions.
  • Join in with She has a large amputee community, and you could reach out to this group and see if anyone knows of a good PT in your area.
  • Ask your prosthetist who they would recommend.
  • When you find a clinic, ask the therapist (not the clinic) how many amputees they have worked with. If they say one or two, consider finding someone else.
  • Ask the clinic if the therapy sessions are one-on-one with the therapist for an hour?
  • Finally, whatever PT you decide to work with, please give them the free resources on our Mission Gait YouTube channel so you both can watch them and create a common language.
  • Share our virtual course with them. It is available for them to take at their convenience.
I have a specific question related to my walking rehabilitation. How can I get help?

We have a playlist on our YouTube channel entirely dedicated to answering these questions! Please see our YouTube channel, and if you don’t see your question answered there, email us at


We are working to educate and train as many rehabilitation professionals across the United States as possible.