The Proof

Condition: Parkinson’s disease

Experience: Bob was 73 years old when diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He had just stepped down as chair of a large law firm, where he had a lengthy and prominent career. The disease progressed slowly, and for a long time Bob was still able to work part-time, travel, and enjoy his favorite sport of bird hunting.

Slowly but surely, Bob began to notice the effects of Parkinson’s on his movement and balance. His knee replacement in 2013 sparked a realization that he needed more than an increased exercise program at his gym. Bob found The Gait Center to help in his recovery from his knee replacement, but soon discovered that their expertise extended well beyond common orthopedic conditions. “During my visits I learned about their extensive experience with movement issues of Parkinson’s. [The Gait Center staff] are especially skilled at diagnosing solutions to new problems as they appear, which makes their care especially suited to the individualized nature of Parkinson’s.”

Bob enjoys the “good humor and encouragement” that the staff offers during his hour-long therapy sessions, as he and his therapist work closely on his treatment goals. Bob remains active by participating in Rock Steady Boxing and attending cultural events such as history lectures, opera, theater, and art galleries. “Staying physically active is critical for fighting off Parkinson’s progression,” he shared. He is grateful for the opportunities that physical therapy at The Gait Center has provided.

Personal interests: Arts and culture, bush-hogging

“I leave [The Gait Center] feeling better both physically and mentally. They are always looking for ways to keep the therapy both effective and interesting.”