Experience: In a small fishing community of ‘Lau Valley” in the Solomon Islands, Hudson is a generous man in his village, who supports 15 people living under one roof. He is known as the ‘doctor’ due to his mechanical skills that help keep village boats working. All of this was put into jeopardy when he stepped on a piece of glass and his foot would not heal due to the life-threatening complications of diabetes. The only course of action was to amputate his leg. A lengthy hospital stay and no resource for amputees in the Solomon Islands, he became home-bound with no hope of him ever walking again. Losing his spirit, he began a health decline so severe that his son-in-law, a Richmond native, jumped into action bringing him to the States for care.

Soon after his arrival Hudson was connected to Mission Gait and their Walking Free Program, where a three-month journey to recovery began. By finding the rehabilitation goals that mattered most to Hudson, the prosthetist tapped into his mechanical knowledge and shared how a prosthetic is built and the physical therapist taught the theory behind the exercises. This knowledge is important due to the lack of resources in the village and will help him overcome basic obstacles that may arise.

With renewed hope and purpose, Hudson wants to bring awareness to his community about diabetes and give hope to other amputees in his village who currently have no knowledge of their possibilities.

Personal interests: Mechanics and Healing