The Proof

Condition: Bilateral above-knee amputee.

Experience: During surgery to repair an aneurysm, Robert’s abdomen began filling with blood. The surgeon quickly devised a plan to save him, but the solution left Robert’s legs useless. His choice was to live life in a wheelchair, or amputate his legs and use prosthetics. The 50-year-old chose the latter. At the hospital, where he began physical therapy, he was told, “You’ll probably never walk again—most people your age just can’t do it.” A neighbor told him about David, who had just started his practice. In that first meeting, David said, “If you want to walk again you can do it. If you want to run again, you can do it.” Today, Robert walks, drives, travels, plays golf—and has recently remarried.

Personal interests: Retired (structural engineer); likes to travel, play golf

“The surgeon saved my life—David gave me my life back.”