Timed Up & Go Toolkit

The Timed Up & Go test is one of the most commonly used and most well researched outcome measures for walking and functional mobility. It is very easy to perform, is easy to understand, and offers the clinician a great insight into their patient’s mobility. Our toolkit for this outcome measure features instruction on the standard Timed Up & Go as well as two variations on the basic Timed Up & Go to gather even more from this measure.

Download the resources by clicking the “Download Toolkit” button. The Timed Up & Go (TUG) Toolkit includes: Ready-To-Go In-service (Instructor and Student versions), “Why Should I Use This?” (rationale), and Clinical Metrics & Setup Instructions for the standard TUG and dual task TUG versions.

Be sure to watch both videos listed below or available on our YouTube channel: www.YouTube.com/MissionGait