Our small team is looking for big hearts to further our mission. Fill out the form and tell us how you can help. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Administrative Team – assist with light duties in our Mission Gait office.
  • Event Administrative Team – help with being greeters, registration, food set-up, parking assistance, and much more.
  • Volunteer Clinician Team – at our Discover Your Possible event clinicians volunteer time to work with an amputee. This event is held on the first Saturday of every May.
  • Cocktail & Conversation Social Team – open your home and contacts so we can spread the word about our mission.
  • Advisory Committee Team – community professionals lend their professional assistance to Mission Gaits cause.
  • Financial Committee Team – community professionals that help our sustainability driven focus.
  • Development Committee Team – individuals who believe in our mission work together to help meet our fundraising goals.

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