Walking Free Fundraises for Solomon Islands Project

Aug 30, 2022

Written by: Holden Russell

Walking Free, the international division of Mission Gait, held a fundraiser Saturday, August 20th, at their container build-out location in Richmond, VA. The fundraiser was for their Solomon Islands project, where they are building and designing a fully outfitted prosthetics and orthotics lab inside of a 40’ shipping container. The container will have all the equipment and tools needed to create artificial limbs and braces. See LINK for the full backstory.

With the project reaching its halfway point, the painting, framing, insulation, and wall cladding have been completed. The next steps in the process will include the delivery of equipment as well as the installation of electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and final fixed-furnishings (to include countertops, sink, and workstations). All windows, doors, and any supporting material that is not bolted down, will be carefully packaged and stored in the shipping container to be installed on-site in the Solomon Islands.

Walking Free’s followers and supporters have been more than generous in this process, and have helped The Solomon Islands Project reach new heights. While the funding has helped with the purchase and build-out of the container, the rising costs of materials and pending travel expenses are growing problems.

As with most community projects, donations go a long way in helping to complete the project. Shipping the container to the Solomon Islands is a small step in a long journey towards bringing prosthetics and orthotics to 3rd world countries in need of support.

The negative impact of diabetes and occupational hazards are growing for the Solomon people, and the efforts to counteract these issues are in motion through this project. The project has gotten this far thanks to the generous donations of the community, but the hope is to continue the journey through further donations and support.